Art and style in cooking

Cooking is an art form. Creating dishes which are appealing to the palate as well as the eye needs a high-quality space with the best equipment. So where better than the Chelsea Arts Club to find a classic Athanor cook suite from Grande Cuisine – a perfect combination of art, style and practicality.

The Chelsea Arts Club refurbishment project was specified by SHW Design Consultants and fitted out by Court Catering.

Chelsea Arts Club is a private members club for artists which was established in London in 1891. It has occupied the same house in Old Church Street since 1902. As well as painters, sculptors and architects the club numbers designers, photographers, film makers, poets, writers, dancers, actors and musicians amongst its 3,700 members.

The life of the club centres around the billiard room, the dining room and the secluded garden. Drinks and food are served seven days a week and there are twelve bedrooms.

As Chelsea Arts Club’s entertainments and parties are legendary, a kitchen that could supply the needs of these lavish affairs to a high standard was needed.

Grande Cuisine supplied a suite which comprises a wall suite with a twin inset electric fryer. Two 600 mm classical style gas solid top were fitted alongside a 15 kW gas lava stone char grill over a 1/1 Gn multi-cooker.

The multi-cooker in the suite acts as a chaufont water bath. It is designed as an integrated ‘pan of water’ in the suite for boiling, steaming or holding a Bain Marie.

The high-grade stainless steel well has large curved edges for ease of cleaning and a high performance 3 kW disc-style element immersed in the tank. The element is directly in contact with the water which arrives via an integrated water feed for filling and maintaining water level. The unit is supplied with a cover lid for higher performance heating and can be used as worktop when not in use for cooking.

The suite also includes a single radiant hob, one classical style cast iron lined gas roasting oven and a CAPIC gas salamander grill wall mounted above radiant.

Along with the suite Grande Cuisine also supplied a couple of table top Adventys LITE2500 induction hobs and a CAPIC electric quick-therm salamander grill positioned in other areas of the kitchen to add versatility to the space.

For more information on Athanor, Adventys or CAPIC products please call Grande Cuisine on 01908 745540.