All change at Café Colbert

Grande Cuisine has just completed the installation of a new Athanor cook suite at Café Colbert, Sloane Square, London in partnership with Hallmark Kitchens.

The restaurant was closed for four weeks to undergo a major kitchen refurbishment, which included the installation of new Athanor island suite.

The Athanor cook suite is a fundamental change from the original kitchen. Previously the space was divided into two separate areas with cook suites that used predominantly gas appliances for cooking.  The new set up features a single island cook suite using induction cooking.

The new Athanor cook Suite comprises five twin zone 5kW + 5kW induction hobs, a 525mm Plaque Athanor plancha cook plate, two 15kW inset lava stone char grills and a 1/1Gn 6kW multi-cooker. It also features a 1/1Gn 3kW bain-marie and two inset gas fryers. Set at one end of the suite is a set of three 1/1Gn hot holding drawers.

Café Colbert commands a prime position on Sloane Square next to the Royal Court Theatre at the meeting point of Belgravia, Chelsea and Knightsbridge. Open seven days a week from breakfast until late, Café Colbert takes its inspiration from the classic Parisian all-day boulevard cafes. Its eclectic décor features art and local memorabilia true to the spirit of traditional French cafes. It is the perfect spot to while away the hours with a drink, a snack or a full meal.

The new kitchen set up is designed to provide a work space that provides complete flexibility. It operates 18 hours per day, seven days a week serving in excess of 400 covers per day, so the suite needs to handle the demands of breakfast, lunch and dinner services in addition to the production of snacks throughout the day.

As well as helping to deliver the varied menu to the café’s clientele, the kitchen also has added benefits for staff. By adding in induction to the cook suite, the overall operating temperature of the basement kitchen environment is a much more comfortable and enjoyable space to work in than the traditional heated kitchen environment

There are no ovens within the suite. Oven capacity is delivered by combination ovens located next to the main cook suite. The void space in the suite, which would have held the ovens, accommodates two Adande under-counter refrigerated drawers.

The remaining space houses a free standing CAPIC Bratt Pan unit and a FRIMA unit.  The FRIMA unit allows variable cooking for boiling, searing, braising, frying, confit and sous-vide. The Bratt pan adds saute and simmering to the chef’s tool box. Mounted above the range is an over shelf on which is mounted a quick-therm salamander grill, making the kitchen at Café Colbert a truly versatile space.

The configuration of the island cook suite allows Head Chef Stuart Conibear to see the full operation from all areas of the kitchen.