Michelin House revival for Bibendum

Claude Bosi at Bibendum has just opened to rave reviews after a short hiatus and a refit. Grande Cuisine was delighted to be involved in the project.

We delivered a new Athanor cook suite along with all the accessories that top chefs have come to expect. The overall kitchen was designed by Chef and supplied and installed by CCE Group Ltd, which had to be accommodated in a larger central open space visible from the restaurant through glass viewing panels and double sliding service doors.

The new restaurant is a collaboration between Sir Terrance Conran and Claude Bosi, situated in Michelin House, the tyre company’s former historical UK headquarters on Fulham Road in South Kensington.

The food offering is fine dining high-quality modern and classical style cuisine including dishes like roast chicken, fillet of beef and oyster omelette.

The restaurant is split over two floors with casual dining available seven days a week downstairs in the original oyster and seafood bar while fine dining is offered on the first floor between Wednesday and Saturday.

The suite oozes style and versatility delivered by two classical style gas solid tops and double plancha cook and single large gas burner for flexibility during mise-en-place. Food is kept at the required temperature prior to serving by a set of 1/1 GN hot holding drawers.

Also installed as part of the suite is a 1/1 GN cast iron pass through style service and roasting oven which enables head chef Claude Bosi to deliver classic roast and baked dishes that emphasise quality.

The kitchen also features a CAPIC hi-light quick-therm salamander grill mounted on the bespoke fabricated pass, and an Adventys two-zone inset induction hob in a separate pastry area.