Pasta Perfect with Grande Cuisine

Along with flour, pasta was one of THE most sought-after products amongst consumers during the coronavirus lockdown. So, as the hospitality sector starts to re-open, and many operators look to consolidate their menu, pasta is sure to remain one of the “go to” dishes in pubs, restaurants, and hotels.

The MARENO Star 90 gas and electric pasta cookers, available from Grande Cuisine, promise high output from units that are easy to use and maintain. The elegant and ergonomic Star series has recently been updated with a modern look, redesigned comfortable handles, and robust, wear-resistant star-shaped knobs. The pasta cookers feature a recessed spillage well and deep-drawn tank in AISI 316L stainless steel with rounded corners. The baskets can be lifted automatically.

The gas units have a stainless-steel burner outside the tank, a gas safety valve with thermocouple on the front panel, and electric ignition pushbutton. The electric units, meanwhile, have a heating element in the inner tank that rotates to aid cleaning at the end of each service.

Five gas models range in size from single well 400mm x 900mm x 870mm units to large twin well 800mm x 900mm x 870mm units. Seven electric models range from the slimline 150mm x 900mm x 870mm unit up to the 800mm wide, 2 x 42 litre double-well models. All feature fast filling and top-up options, and a safety pressure switch which prevents heating if the well is empty.

For more information on the MARENO Star 90 range of pasta cookers, or for details of other ranges in the Grande Cuisine portfolio visit or call 01908 745540.