Grande Cuisine at Soutine

At Corbin & King they just love an Athanor cook suite! Soutine, situated just a lofted drive from Lord’s cricket ground is the 6th site in the Group to benefit from the power, efficiency and reliability of Athanor.

The first, at The Delaunay, was installed in 2011 and, as you would expect, it’s still going strong, which goes a long way to explaining why Corbin & King keep coming back. In fact, that’s exactly why according to Alex Pitchford, Consultant/Project Manager to the Company: ‘The single biggest factor for us is knowing that an Athanor suite can stand up to the high demands of the kitchens that we operate, many of which regularly do a 1,000 covers a day, 365 days a year.

‘But it’s not just about the suite itself, it’s about the total package that we get from Grande Cuisine on each and every project. From the initial design, through build and installation, and on to aftercare, the service we receive is exemplary. We already know we are getting a good product but it is also important for us to know that we have the support of Grande Cuisine when it comes to service, maintenance and back-up.’

So, what were the particular challenges at Soutine? Space, and the lack of it, combined with the limited electrical loading, problems that are very common in London, meant that the suite need needed to maximise the space available and strike the right balance between gas and induction. And the outcome? A wall suite that perfectly combines a multi-zone 14kW induction hob, a twin zone Athanor plaque, gas solid top, gas chargrill along with void space accommodating third party refrigerated unit, alongside  a set of hot holding drawers.

‘Having worked with us for some time now Grande Cuisine understand our style of operation and, thanks to the bespoke nature of Athanor suites, are able to work with our chefs to provide them with the solution they need within whatever space is available,’ says Pitchford.

‘Grande Cuisine are one part – a very important part it must be said – of large multi-million pound projects and the GC team always buy into the programme dates given, remaining flexible even during the inevitable busy period as a project comes to an end. Post installation we know that the service team will assist in ensuring that the suite continues to run well and, in the event of a problem, will work collaboratively with us to resolve the issue. This is vital because a reliable and efficient suite means the kitchen team can focus on what they should be doing. There is nothing worse than faulty equipment to damage staff moral in the long term.’