Athanor at the Travellers Club

The Travellers Club is a gentlemen’s club founded in 1819. It was set up for ‘for gentlemen who had travelled out of the British Isles to a distance of at least five hundred miles from London in a direct line’. It has occupied its current location in Pall Mall, London since 1832.

Nowadays the Travellers Club has a diverse membership. Diplomats, senior civil servants and military figures are joined by other professionals who travel far and wide for business.

The club is still a bastion against the rigours of modern life. It offers gentlemen a traditional retreat from the world of mobile phones and constant connectivity. Mobiles are only allowed in the lobby. Business papers may not be displayed. Anyone wishing to conduct business may only do so in the hall.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available for members. The menu is traditional and of high quality. The kitchen was recently renovated and as part of these works a new Athanor suite from Grande Cuisine was installed.

The redesigned kitchen was overseen by Sefton Horn Winch (SHW) design consultants. The fit out by SHW project implementation included the new all-electric peninsular bespoke cook suite. Set within the one-piece 3mm thick stainless steel top was a mixture of three 8kW double Plaque Athanor plancha/cook plates – for mixture of pan cooking and direct cooking. Also set within the top are two 4kW single ceran radiant hobs for instant heat, two 1/1Gn 6kW multi-cooker/chaufonts and a double fryer.

Set below the top there are two cast iron lined traditional style roasting ovens and a set of three 1/1Gn hot holding drawers.

Above the suite top is a full-length over-shelf incorporating a raise and lower CAPIC quick therm salamander grill.

The configured kitchen and suite allows a good workflow around the range and increase the working space available to chef and his team.

Despite moving away from a very traditional style gas kitchen and embracing the use of more modern cooking styles and appliances, the new suite and kitchen is the perfect complement to the quiet historic charm of the Travellers Club with its forward looking membership.