Plan for a Plancha

The Adventys three-phase induction plancha, now available from Grande Cuisine, is both powerful and flexible, and is available as either a two or four-zone independently controlled, drop-in unit.

While the multi-zone cooking surface saves energy each 634mm X 317mm zone has its own generator (which can be situated as much as 5 metres away) promising maximum power and reliability. Operating temperature ranges from 50°C to 275°C, and can reach 200°C in less than three minutes. Temperature is controlled by an independent 360° knob control and four-digit display for each zone, with a Fahrenheit option available on request.

The P2IM model offers two cooking zones with one set of controls and two generators, while the P4IM has four zones, two sets of controls and four generators. Both are constructed in robust, high performance stainless steel and are easy to keep clean. Square or round copper coils are available for the planchas. The square coils deliver a consistent temperature across the whole cooking surface while the round option produces a uniform temperature in the centre of the cooking surface, decreasing towards the edges to produce a Teppanyaki-style cooking surface. Optional extras include a ventilation kit, an additional five metres of power cable and cords for remote generator racks, and longer power cables for knob controls.

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