Hotel F&B – Serveries and Counters

The latest addition from Adventys is a smart plate dressing table called ‘InducArt’ which is aimed at the fine dining sector and will replace the traditional hot pass. The concept is that the base and centre of the plate are heated to the desired temperature while the plate is dressed but without the surrounding surface getting too hot to touch. This means better control of food holding/no more food that has dried out on the pass because it is too hot and no need for waiting staff to say to customers “please be careful as the plate will burn you!”

As soon as a plate is placed onto one of the zones on the ‘InducArt’ table, ready to be dressed, the warm up process begins and in just a few seconds the plate will have reached the designated temperature specified by the chef on the touch screen control panel. As soon as the plate is sent to the table the power is turned off to that zone making ‘InducArt’ an incredibly efficient concept. In fact, energy consumption is only around 25W per plate. The temperature obtained can be controlled to within 1°C and remains stable without further operator intervention, whilst continuous measurement of the food temperature ensures that each dish leaves the pass just as the chef intended.