Grande Cusine For CESA/DEWBERRY Redpoint Equipment Guide


Is the unit built for commercial use? Many units are domestic but being sold for use in a commercial environment.

For theatre style cooking, which is very popular at present, make sure the unit is compatible with a 13amp plug so that it is effectively ‘plug & play’ and can be moved to wherever it is required on the day.

Does the unit come with a full collect and repair warranty? Many units sold over the internet come with a ‘back to base’ warranty meaning that the unit has to be returned to the manufacturer for repair, sometimes at the clients expense! They may or may not provide you with a replacement and if it’s the latter you are going to be without an important piece of equipment for an unknown length of time!

Bespoke ranges  

Are the various appliances incorporated within the range suitable for multi-use? Remember that when a range is installed it is permanent. This can become an issue if a new chef comes to work on the range. Different chefs have different ways of cooking – some with pans and some direct. It is always worth thinking ahead and trying to ‘futureproof’ your range by ensuring it is suitable for direct cooking and indirect cooking.

Is the range built to be maintenance/service friendly? Your range should be serviced at regular intervals of course and so access for this, and any other maintenance, should be as simple as possible to ensure that both down time and the amount of time an engineer spends on site, are kept to a minimum.
How thick are the worktops and are they fit for purpose? A worktop thickness is often overlooked but can be a major downfall if not fully understood. Is the construction suitable for the type of operation?

Prime Cooking:

Can the units be put onto castors for mobile use? Again, as with bespoke units. Access for maintenance, and particularly cleaning, is a vital consideration here. The easier you make it for staff to move equipment in order to clean it, the more likely it is to get done!

Are the thermocouples and burner jets protected to stop ingress of dirt/grease? This prevents unnecessary service bills due to blocked jets and broken thermocouples!

Are the burner wells easy to clean? Some units, such as the CAPIC ones we supply, have water wells installed to make cleaning easier.