Grande Cuisine’s single-ring unit does double the work

The versatile and multi-functional Adventys BRIC 3000 single ring 3kW induction unit, available from Grande Cuisine, will be an asset in the pastry area for melting chocolate, and perfect for theatre cooking due to its size and portability, as well as providing back-up in a busy kitchen.

The compact table-top unit can hold a pan up to 320mm in size, and makes fast work of searing meat, braising and boiling, while being equally useful for sauté, shallow and stir frying, casseroles, crepes, and omelettes. The four digit integrated display allows for different modes of use and cooking.  The ‘cook by temperature’ mode is a stand-out feature that allows food to be cooked at a specific temperature or, if preferred, the unit can be operated via one of the 25 power settings controlled in watts or power levels.

A pan quality check mode is also included, so that the operator knows exactly how much energy is actually being absorbed by the pan when in operation – this is important in order to understand the performance of the pans being used. The integrated 99-minute timer has an audio and visual alarm, and power shut down mode. Running off a 13-amp plug, the compact unit has a pressed stainless steel outer casing with a flush fitted vitroceramic top and glass touch control panel, all easy to wipe clean.

For further information on the BRIC 3000, or any other product in the Grande Cuisine range, please call 01908 745540.