Grande Cuisine plans major launches for Hotelympia 2018

Already an award winner at the recent HOST exhibition in Milan the Mareno I-Chef system will be exhibited on UK soil for the first time on the Grande Cuisine stand 1440.

ICHEF is the first and only fully touch-controlled range, with no mechanical buttons or knobs. With its innovative control panel the new line allows the chef to combine gastronomic tradition with science and precision. ICHEF has everything under control, which means that the chef can work calmly and confidently. ICHEF appliances come with an exclusive system specially created by Mareno to control all its multiple functions: the Control Cooking System. The touchscreen’s bright display panel is always clearly legible, under all lighting conditions. Anyone working in the kitchen, from any position, can maintain complete control of all operative settings.

Other launches on the Grande Cuisine stand will include the Adventys “No Limit” induction unit. The first truly commercial multi-zone induction solution eliminates designated pan placement because the entire surface becomes a cooking workspace. By offering different temperatures, the “No Limit” system presents the operator with wide-ranging and precise cooking options: slide a pan from one side to the other to increase or decrease its temperature; or simply cook different foods at the same time, on the same surface. Create a limitless induction work zone for every chef – use any pan, at any place, at any temperature, and at any time! A commercial multi-zone unit is ideal for chefs and cooks who require preparation capacity in the morning with larger pots, but later in the day want to carry out sauté and finishing work with smaller saucepans. While traditional equipment is designed to have one purpose “No Limit” is multi-purpose. However you want to cook there is a way with “No Limit”. Frying at high temperature, it’s easy with “No Limit”. Sous-Vide at a very precise temperature and over an extended period of time, “No Limit” is the solution. Fry and sous-vide at the same time on the same surface? “No Limit” is the answer. You name it, “No Limit” can do it!

New launches from other brands represented by Grande Cuisine are also expected, including products from Athanor and CAPIC.