Grande Cuisine introduces Mareno’s award winning iChef

ICHEF from Mareno is the first and only fully touch-controlled range, with no mechanical buttons or knobs.

With its innovative control panel the new line allows the chef to combine tradition with science and precision. ICHEF has everything under control, which means that the chef can work calmly and confidently. ICHEF appliances come with an exclusive system specially created by Mareno to control all its multiple functions – the Control Cooking System – which makes the chef’s job easier whilst also saving energy.

The touchscreen’s bright display panel is always clearly legible, under all lighting conditions. Anyone working in the kitchen, from any position, can maintain complete control of all settings. And inputting those settings is extremely easy and intuitive, thanks to the total touchscreen approach.

The display communicates not only the settings selected, but also the current temperature throughout each cooking phase. The chef can therefore monitor the precise temperature at any moment and decide the best moment to intervene, if necessary. Another advantage is the faster achievement of set targets during cooking. Sound signals inform the chef when set points have been achieved, thus reducing wasted electricity.

The degree of precision offered by the new system results in considerable energy savings. Compared to traditional systems, the ICHEF line offers an 8% consumption reduction. But the combination of the Control Cooking System and Mareno’s Power Guardian® system produces energy cost reductions of up to 50%.

Gone are the old profiles with traditional knobs, making way instead for a new, ergonomic design that facilitates work in the kitchen, as well as cleaning. ICHEF offers a vast and truly comprehensive range. For chefs it is an indispensable ally in the kitchen, for both traditional cooking, low temperature and steam methods.

ICHEF won the “SMART label” award at HOST 2017 in recognition of its innovation in the hospitality industry. Already an award winner the Mareno I-Chef system will be exhibited on UK soil for the first time on the Grande Cuisine stand (1440) at Hotelympia.