Grande Cuisine for restaurant magazine

Chefs want quality products that they can rely on day in, day out, so Grande Cuisine only supplies equipment from companies that manufacture their own products – Athanor bespoke suites, CAPIC modular cooking equipment and Adventys induction – and who share its values and core principals.

The research and development work carried out by these partner companies is very important when you consider how the average commercial kitchen has changed over the last twenty years, with a big move away from traditional gas based kitchens towards new, predominantly electric kitchens. It also enables Grande Cuisine to be very accommodating, and innovative, when it comes to kitchen design. Bespoke cooking suites, plug & play induction, drop-in induction planchas, and even an induction based plating system, are just some of the ways it is helping chefs to meet the demands of running a modern day kitchen.

It’s also no secret that kitchens are getting smaller and smaller all the time and that the cost of floorspace, whether it be to rent or buy, is continuing to rise at an alarming rate, especially in large metropolitan areas. Furthermore, in this era of open/theatre style kitchens chefs, designers and consultants are faced with a real conundrum, i.e. how to fit everything required into a very small space and yet still make it look pleasing to the eye from the customers’ side of the ‘pass’. The range of solutions Grande Cuisine is able to offer ensures that it is perfectly placed to help them meet these challenges in the best possible way.