Fischer’s installs Grande Cuisine’s Athanor

Viennese-themed Fischer’s Restaurant, located at 50 Marylebone High Street, London, opted for a bespoke Athanor solution from Grande Cuisine. 
The project was put out to tender by Corbin & King’s food service consultants, which was secured by Grande Cuisine through the strength of their proposed design solution.

Taking in to account the restrictions of the site and the personal tastes of the commissioning Chef, Lee Ward, Grande Cuisine offered a tailored solution to the London café and konditorei.

Due to the limitations of the Restaurant’s premises, which included both power restrictions, space and access difficulties, a suite was commissioned that consisted of 70% gas components and elements, manufactured in six sections to be reassembled within the kitchen.

Lee Ward, head chef at Fischer’s Restaurant, had previously worked with Athanor, and was keen for Fischer’s to consider Grande Cuisine as a result.

The project was initiated with the aim of boosting the performance and capabilities of Fischer’s Restaurant’s kitchen and equipment, whilst complying with the space, power and access limitations of the site.

The suite is required to be capable of operating from 8.00am to 11:00pm, every day of the week, and consisted of a peninsular suite comprising of 70% gas elements. Among the gas elements were two 12kW gas solid tops, two 4.5kW gas simmer tops, two 10kW gas ovens and a gas salamander grill.

Also included were a double plaque electric Athanor plancha, two inset fryers (electric), and an Athanor multi-cooker/water bath.

The resulting design implemented a layout to optimise workflow, whilst ensuring that the island was durable and reliable during the busiest times of the day and service.

In addition to impressive performance, Athanor offers Fischer’s versatility. The suite’s flexibility allows the kitchen to cope with the constant challenges of the working day, allowing for constant mise-en-place throughout the day, while performing under pressure during service.