Enjoy Ultimate Control With The Adventys BGIC3000 Induction Plancha

With its precise temperature control the Adventys BGIC3000 induction Plancha from Grande Cuisine delivers consistent cooking results at the touch of a button and, what’s more, it’s fully mobile.

The 3kW ‘plug and play’ table-top unit is designed for those requiring specific temperature control – from 50°C to 280 °C – and promises savings by cutting down the pre-heat time, reaching 280 °C in less than four minutes. The temperature accuracy means it is also ideal for operations with less skilled labour.

The four-digit display shows the actual cooking temperature while three programmable power buttons can be pre-set for ease of use. The stainless steel/aluminium cooking plate does not absorb fats or oils from cooked items, avoiding cross contamination of taste, and it can be cleaned easily directly after use, saving on the time usually wasted waiting for a traditional solid top unit to cool down.

Whether used in the kitchen, or front of house for ‘theatre style’ cooking, the Adventys BGIC3000 is perfect for preparing hot starters, main entrées, fish, meat and vegetables.

For further information on this or any other product in the Grande Cuisine portfolio, which includes equipment from Athanor and CAPIC, as well as Adventys, please call 01908 745540 or visit www.grandecuisine.co.uk.