Cost Sector Catering – Energy Saving

Street food and ‘pop-ups’ are the latest trends to find their way from the high street into the Cost Sector and this has really put the onus on manufacturers of catering equipment to come up with portable ‘plug & play’ products that cook very quickly and yet require nothing more than a 13amp socket to function. As a consequence, tabletop induction units are proving to be a very popular choice.

Many Cost Sector caterers, schools in particular, are looking to replicate the food concepts that are popular on the high street – the current favourites being Italian, Asian, American and Mexican – and to add an element of theatre at the same time by bringing the cooking front of house. However, most of them are only looking to offer this as an option on certain days, in order to vary the menu, and don’t want the cooking equipment permanently in-situ, so this means it needs to be portable, lightweight and capable of operating from a standard 13amp plug. This is why manufacturers such as Adventys, which Grande Cuisine represents here in the UK, have put so much research and development into creating induction products – such as Adventys’s BRIC3000 – that can bring heat/power to the pan/product as quickly as possible, from a 13amp plug.

The BRIC3000 has a pressed stainless steel outer casing incorporating a flush fitted vitro-ceramic top and touch control panel. It has two generator coils (180mm & 280mm diameter) with automatic selection and manual override for single or double coil use. The integrated 99 minute timer has both an audio and visual alarm as well as a power shut down mode. The operator can cook by temperature in either centigrade or fahrenheit and may set the desired power level by using one of the 25 pre-set power levels or the ‘cook by watts’ mode. There is also a very useful pan performance feature that indicates how suitable a pan is for induction cooking. The unit is fitted as standard with three core 1.5m cable and a 13amp three pin plug.

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