B&I Catering – Induction

Once the exclusive preserve of Michelin starred restaurants induction is now finding its way into ‘mainstream’ catering by necessity. A combination of its relative high cost and suspicion amongst the older generation of chefs meant that induction was rarely to be seen until recently. But, with prices coming down all the time, and energy prices heading in the opposite direction, the decision to switch from gas to induction is weighing more heavily in favour of the latter all the time. And it would do so even more if those responsible for paying the ongoing energy bill were included in the decision making process when it came to buying new equipment. This would lead to a much more informed decision which would take into account the running cost of the unit over its entire life, rather than simply its capital cost.

By its nature induction “only costs money when you are using it” – it is not a conductive heat (where you heat one thing to heat another), it is direct energy that heats the pan as soon as you put it over the induction hob. We are always asked for figures to back up the energy saving claims of induction but the truth is it very much depends on how often it is used. The Adventys appliances we supply are made by worldwide induction specialists, with all components being manufactured by Adventys themselves. The hobs are of the highest quality and, because they are manufactured on one site, have a very low carbon footprint.

The Adventys induction plancha is breaking new ground in plancha cooking due to its multi layered cooking surface. Not only does the surface not absorb fats or oils but its construction also means it’s highly energy efficient, taking only 4 minutes to reach the desired cooking temperature. Compare that to a traditional griddle that takes a lot longer to heat up.

The ‘Plaque’ system in our Athanor bespoke ranges results in fewer appliances being required overall. Where a traditional bespoke range would have a plancha or griddle, a solid top, and maybe some gas burners; our philosophy is that one multifunctional plaque and either a radiant or induction hob can easily accommodate the same level of demand. And fewer appliances means less energy being used overall!