Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London

Customer’s business
Royal Garden Hotel is a five-star hotel located in the heart of Kensington, London, overlooking Kensington Palace, its gardens and Royal Albert Hall. With 10 floors and almost 400 rooms, the hotel completed a £45 million front of house refurbishment in 2011.   
A complete refurbishment of the hotels main kitchens was completed in March 2014, which along with other aspects involved the replacement of a main cooking suite previously provided by Grande Cuisine director Steve Hobbs, while working with Bonnet some 17 years previously.

Motivation for investment
The existing hot kitchen was 17 years old and was upgraded during a partial kitchen refurbishment in the 1990’s. The main hotel kitchens had not received a major refurbishment in some 30 years. Executive Chef Steve Munkley requested that the replacement suite be capable of a similar lifespan as the existing suite while achieving superior energy efficiency and boosting performance.

Challenges identified
The Royal Garden Hotel requested a significant reduction in energy costs, while maintaining and enhancing the impressive performance of the previous installation – as well as this boost to efficiency and performance, the new suite needed to be able to match a 30 year life span. Several potential manufacturers were considered for this installation, with Grande Cuisine’s Athanor ending up as the chosen product after site visits and discussions.
A 95% electric solution was proposed, and the Athanor option was selected as a result of its design flexibility, use of components, specification of product and the quality of their reputation and after sales support.

Benefits for the customer
The delivered solution has greatly boosted the kitchen’s energy efficiency, resulting in less residual heat of the kitchen, as well as the costs affiliated with less efficient operations. The suite was specially designed for ease of maintenance and high performance, further increasing the efficiency of the new kitchen installation. The installation consisted of an array of multi-zone 14kW and 10kW induction hobs, Plaque Athanor cooking plates, a Multicooker/Bain-marie and several inset fryers. The gas components include two 15kW lava stone gas char grills and two gas open burners for the preparation of stocks. The diminished heat spread in the kitchen has made it a more pleasant work environment, with the modern bespoke Athanor suite meeting each of the client’s needs.

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