Roka, London

Customer’s business:
An award winning restaurant situated on London’s Charlotte Street, Roka is a Japanese restaurant that specialises in contemporary robatayaki cuisine. Also located in Canary Wharf, and with another planned for Mayfair, Roka’s unique style and cuisine speaks for itself.

Robatayaki translates literally to ‘fireside-cooking’, and refers to a style of cooking where items of food are slow grilled while, commonly, the clientele sit around the cooking area. Fish, poultry, meat and vegetables are prepared and cooked in full view of diners.

Roka’s interior was created by Noriyoshi Muramatsu, in collaboration with Super Potato, an esteemed Tokyo-based architecture and design company. 

Motivation for investment:
Roka has been open and operating for almost 12 years in Charlotte Street, and was due to a partial kitchen refurbishment to enhance capabilities and streamline maintenance. With an aging kitchen suite, servicing costs were rising, and the reliability of the existing unit was decreasing.

With their initially proposed solution proving unsuitable, Roka contacted Grande Cuisine, through the advice of kitchen project company Salix.

Grande Cuisine discussed the needs of the kitchen – and their issues with their existing suite, with executive chef Hamish Brown.

Challenges identified:
Having spoken to the client, Grande Cuisine put forward a proposal to replace the existing cooking line with a CAPIC Armen 900 series modular product. The replacement was required to meet the same levels of performance and capability as the existing suite, as well as function as a one piece, due to the intrinsically ‘front of house’ nature of the site’s cooking and serving style.  

The display nature of the kitchen also introduced space constraints, with the replacement required to have a similar overall footprint.

As the existing suite was a one piece, the CAPIC solution also featured a one-piece top, for a cleaner, more streamlined working surface. This allowed the replacement to meet the display needs of the kitchen, while also making cleaning of the unit much easier.

The supplied suite was able to comply with the footprint requirements of the original suite, while also increasing the number of open burners available, boosting the kitchen’s capacity to 8 open burners with an increased performance of 9kW per burner.
Benefits for the customer:
A ‘like-for-like’ replacement was requested, the CAPIC suite delivered was compliant with existing space requirements while also boosting the kitchen’s capabilities and performance.

The installation was undertaken during an overnight period by Salix, with removal of the existing suite, alteration to services, welding of the modular unit tops to form a one-piece finish and the testing and commissioning of the new equipment all taking place within a 12 hour period closure.

Roka’s kitchen team appreciates the CAPIC suite’s performance enhancements, with the decreased need for downtime and repairs from ongoing service issues.

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