Press Releases

Jan 11 2018

ICHEF from Mareno is the first and only fully touch-controlled range, with no mechanical buttons or knobs.
With its innovative control panel the new line allows the chef to combine tradition with science and precision. ICHEF has everything under control, which means that the chef can work calmly and confidently. ICHEF appliances come with an exclusive system specially created by Mareno to control all its multiple functions - the Control Cooking System – which makes the chef’s job easier whilst also saving energy.

Jan 08 2018

Already an award winner at the recent HOST exhibition in Milan the Mareno I-Chef system will be exhibited on UK soil for the first time on the Grande Cuisine stand 1440.

Jan 08 2018

In real terms the cost of induction equipment has come down significantly over the last 20 years due largely to the reduction in component costs and the greater number of manufacturers moving into the market. In addition, most chefs coming into the workplace are familiar with induction and its capabilities, having been exposed to it during their training. This has helped to increase its popularity, as have its ‘green’ credentials and the fact that it is possible for manufacturers to create more “flexible” pieces of equipment.

Jan 08 2018

How can operators create a practical kitchen and restaurant design that also shows off personality?
Ultimately the kit being used in the kitchen is very utilitarian and it’s hard to give it a personality unless using colour finishes to soften the HARD stainless steel. However, this presents a whole different set of issues regarding wear and tear and how to get at equipment to clean it properly. The personality of the kitchen will ultimately come from the people working in it.


Innovation + sustainability

Essential to the catering equipment industry is the ability to combine practicality with energy efficiency and cost savings....