Plancha/Grill/Integrated control

Product code DGIC 3000


Pressed stainless steel outer casing incorporating composite stainless steel cooking plate.

Generator coil

Large single generator coil 280mm diameter with automatic selection.


Glass touch control panel having twelve pre-set temperature levels, and three programmable P1, P2, P3 temperature settings, automatic turn off mode and high temperature indicator.

Plancha cooking

Plancha cooking is a process of cooking product at lower controlled temperatures in order to preserve quality, taste and texture without over cooking and burning.

External Dimensions

440mm wide x 580mm deep x 243mm high (Usable surface 297mm wide x 363mm).

Aperture Dimensions

410mm wide x 550mm deep and clear depth of 280mm must be left below the unit. The unit should not be installed above means of heat (hot cupboard / oven / etc.). If installed within a closed void adequate ventilation is required. For additional detail please consult installtion manual.


3.0kW (12.2amp load) - Unit fitted as standard with three core 1.5m cable and 13amp three pin plug rated at 13amp.


Unit shipped in box suitable for transportation 495mm wide x 625mm deep x 140mm high. Unit has a net weight of 15.8kgs.


Complies with EN60335-2-36 (European Standard for safety of electrical appliances. IP259 (Protection rating) NFU60-010 (Hygiene)

Why Induction

  • SafetyInduction technology heats the cookware, whilst the surrounding area stays cool to the touch. Built in safety features include overheat and boil-over sensors, empty pan detector.

  • PrecisionPrecise temperature control and instant response. Rotary controls located with remote fitted control panel distributed for perfect and consistent results.

  • PowerTwice as fast compared to any other cooking method, from 50watts to 3.kW. The 280mm inductor is the largest on the market.

  • Efficiency90% energy efficient, (compared to 50% for gas), high efficiency = maximum yield. Energy consumption half that of gas.

  • Ease of maintenanceSurface simply wipes clean after use

  • Ideal for all types of cookingSearing meat, braising, boiling, saute, shallow fry, stir fry, casseroles, crepes, omlettes, eggs.melting chocolate. From production to pastry areas and great for theatre cooking!

Innovation + sustainability

Essential to the catering equipment industry is the ability to combine practicality with energy efficiency and cost savings....