Hot buffet innovation

Here at Grande Cuisine we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the cooking and food service environment. Now we have introduced an innovative induction system designed for use within buffet environments – the kind you would find in hotels or conferencing facilities, where the need for a clean style of food presentation is essential.

Induc-Stone is an invisible induction unit that can be fitted under an existing work surface and used to heat hot holding equipment, such as chafing dishes, during service. The Induc-Stone unit can be placed under a variety of different work surfaces including granite, marble, natural stone, mixed stone and concrete.

When paired with an induction-friendly chafing dish, placed on top of the counter, Induc-Stone creates a simple and aesthetically pleasing hot buffet counter. The Smart series of chafer dishes are the most energy efficient induction chafers available. The multi-layered chafer bottom creates a unique set of magnetic properties that for enhanced heat conductivity.

These chafing dishes provide the user with versatility and are designed to be used with induction technology.


Like all induction units Induc-Stone only operates when it is in contact with a suitable vessel, in this case an induction compatible chafing dish. Contrast this with the alternative, chafing fuel tins, which burn continuously, and at the same level, regardless.

Money Saving

Induc-Stone does away with the need for chafing fuel tins which are both unsightly and expensive. In addition it also ensures that it is no longer necessary for staff to continually return to the dishes to ensure that the fuel has not run out, leading to the food going cold.

The Adventys induction technology also ensures that the work surface does not exceed 55°C, allowing the operator to keep food warm without the risk of customers burning themselves.

So, if you are looking for an energy efficient, flexible and safe solution for corporate catering, buffets or hospitality event catering look no further than the new Induc-Stone.