Clarke's, London

Customer’s business:
A leading London restaurant, run and managed by one of the best known chefs in the industry, Sally Clarke’s was founded in 1984, later expanding to include the building next door – which has played host to Clarke’s Shop for a period, and now forms part of the overall restaurant.

The combination of excellent quality food at the restaurant, and a sumptuous supply of pastries, breads, cakes, tarts and biscuits with seasonal fruits and vegetables, has proved enduringly successful, which led to Sally Clarke Bakery opening its doors.
With restaurant, shop and bakery all successful and flourishing, Sally Clarke then turned to writing, with ‘Sally Clarke’s Book, recipes from a Restaurant, Shop and Bakery’ being published in 1999.

With 30 years’ experience as a London restaurateur, Clarke’s restaurant is a destination restaurant and Sally Clarke can be seen most days in one of the three enterprises.

Motivation for investment:
Clarke’s kitchen had been without a refurbishment for almost twenty years when they engaged the services of Carford Group Ltd – with the need for an upgrade becoming necessary to modernise the kitchen and address potential weaknesses. The restaurant initially considered a partial refurbishment, but felt this would only delay (rather than supplant) an eventual major refurbishment, and so opted to undertake major refurbishment.

Carford Group Ltd contacted Grande Cuisine to provide an optimised range of CAPIC Celtic 800 Series product, with various cooking elements that boost both production capabilities and the flexibility of their kitchen operation.

Challenges identified:
The kitchen, although already capable of high quality service and excellent output, had several weaknesses when compared to contemporary offerings. As a result, a commitment was made for the replacement kitchen to maximise energy efficiency, increase work flexibility and space within the cooking environment and provide more comfort for employees, with less residual heat.

As part of the decision to fully, refit the site, the project began with the complete removal of the existing kitchen.

Through conversations with the client, a cooking suite that permitted several simultaneous cooking mediums and heat sources, combined with different layouts of equipment to ensure maximum productivity, was selected.

With a mixture of a gas oven, two two-zone induction hobs, pasta cookers, planchas, gas lava stone char grill, double well fryer and a wall mounted salamander grill, a multitude of cooking options have been assured. This is all underpinned by Grande Cuisine’s delivered cooking suite, through the strengths of the modularity of the CAPIC brand.  

Clarke’s wanted the cleanliness and layout benefits of a one-piece suite, but also wanted the flexibility of being able to move equipment should cooking styles and workflow change in the future. Grande Cuisine’s provided CAPIC Celtic 800 series solution and its precise ‘edge-to-edge’ fitting capabilities has allowed the Clarke’s to enjoy and experience the best of both.

Benefits for the customer:
Within a short time of the installation of the CAPIC suite, Clarke’s has been impressed by the benefits of energy efficiency made possible through the supplied induction technology – both for the working environment and for the kitchen’s running costs. The cook line’s layout and placement has contributed towards a cleaner and more effective operation than was previously available.

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