Boodle's, London gentlemen's club

The Athanor suite installed in Boodle's kitchens.

Customer’s business:
Founded in 1762 by Lord Shelburne (the future Marquess of Lansdowne, who would go on to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Boodle’s is one of London’s most prestigious clubs, as well as the second oldest gentlemen’s club in the world.
Named after its original head waiter, Edward Boodle, Boodle’s can count historically significant figures such as William Wilberforce, Adam Smith and Ian Fleming among its members, with Sir Winston Churchill being awarded honorary membership.
It has been located at 28 St. James Street, London since 1782.

With a proud tradition of excellent quality and service to a select client base, Boodle’s reputation and specialities are renowned.

Motivation for investment:
Boodle’s sought to revisit their kitchen capabilities, engaging the services of Sefton Horn Winch to look in to refurbishing the kitchens, which had not received an upgrade in more than 20 years.

Sefton Horn Winch performed work across the kitchen area, including specifying and upgrading the ventilation system, providing design and specifications for the stainless steel fabrication preparation and service areas and contacting Grande Cuisine about a new bespoke cooking suite.

Initially, the design Grande Cuisine supplied was based on a generic schematic, however, after discussing the needs of the Club, Grande Cuisine went beyond the ‘like-for-like’ replacement to provide an optimised suite to exceed Boodle’s expectations.
Executive Chef Stephen Carter had undertaken market research on the different suites and ranges offered by manufacturers, and after checking on reputation and market references, asked Sefton Horn Winch to consider Athanor as a potential provider of the site.

Challenges identified:
Having made a long term commitment to cut their carbon footprint, energy efficiency was considered alongside performance when it came to the kitchen update and refurbishment. Carefully considered equipment that would minimise energy use, lessen residual heat and allow for easy maintenance was prioritised, with improvements to the working environment being a definite end-goal in the process.

With these needs in mind, the original suggested solution was customised further, from 70% gas and 30% electric to 95% electric. This shift to more electric cooking mediums within the cooking suite was achieved through the replacing of traditional gas solid tops with Plaque Athanor planchas. The planchas offer the same high performance of traditional solid tops - providing significant reductions to energy consumption and residual heat, while offering increased flexibility of use and operation.

Benefits for the customer:
A new Athanor cooking suite was provided and installed, ensuring that Boodle’s renowned service and quality will be maintained for another 20+ years. Athanor’s strength of performance has allowed Boodle’s to maintain and enhance its excellent service, although with a greatly diminished energy consumption, providing a modern kitchen solution to a stalwart of London’s exclusive landscape. As well as ensuring lowered energy use, the contemporary solution also boasts easier maintenance.
The suite was provided with several additions, such as stainless steel gully in fills, to surround the moat section of the Plaque Athanor - optimising pan use during mise-en-place and service, removable ribbed cast iron searing plates for the grill, Multicookers and water baths were also integrated within the suite for use as bain-maries and chaufont cooking. Grande Cuisine’s initial project involvement started in November of 2013 with client discussions, culminating in equipment being manufactured in May/June 2014 with delivery to site in July 2014, and completion in August 2014.

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