Two Athanor cook suites have been installed, in partnership with equipment supplier Contract Catering Equipment (CCE), at the Soho House High Road Brasserie in Chiswick, West London.

The refurbishment involved ripping out the 15-year-old kitchen and replacing it with two new all-electric cook suites.

A new wall suite was installed to handle the breakfast service and the production of hot starters during the lunch and dinner services.

Because the brasserie is an all-day dining environment, a second suite was installed to deal with lunch and dinner service. Electric suites were selected to replace the old gas cookers to keep down the costs of service and maintenance and reduce energy consumption.

The bespoke suites featured radiant and induction hobs, a Plaque Athanor plancha, steamers and fryers. The base included ovens, hot holding drawers and cupboards. As each suite is as individual as the chef who will use it, Athanor offers complete flexibility in design. Be this a traditional wall suite, island suite or compact slim-line arrangement, Athanor can offer a design solution that fits any kitchen.

The High Road Brasserie is a neighbourhood restaurant featuring Art Deco design and a vintage bar and terrace. Occupying the location of the old Foubert’s Hotel, the restaurant serves breakfast, brunch and an all-day menu, which includes daily specials.

High Road Brasserie has a versatile menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round, the restaurant can seat between 400 and 500 covers from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The number of covers can rise to 1,500 per day.

The High Road Brasserie is part of a portfolio of quality eateries and bars owned by Soho House.

Grande Cuisine has just completed the installation of a new Athanor cook suite at Café Colbert, Sloane Square, London in partnership with Hallmark Kitchens.
The restaurant was closed for four weeks to undergo a major kitchen refurbishment, which included the installation of new Athanor island suite.
The Athanor cook suite is a fundamental change from the original kitchen. Previously the space was divided into two separate areas with cook suites that used predominantly gas appliances for cooking.  The new set up features a single island cook suite using induction cooking.
The new Athanor cook Suite comprises five twin zone 5kW + 5kW induction hobs, a 525mm Plaque Athanor plancha cook plate, two 15kW inset lava stone char grills and a 1/1Gn 6kW multi-cooker. It also features a 1/1Gn 3kW bain-marie and two inset gas fryers. Set at one end of the suite is a set of three 1/1Gn hot holding drawers.  
Café Colbert commands a prime position on Sloane Square next to the Royal Court Theatre at the meeting point of Belgravia, Chelsea and Knightsbridge. Open seven days a week from breakfast until late, Café Colbert takes its inspiration from the classic Parisian all-day boulevard cafes. Its eclectic décor features art and local memorabilia true to the spirit of traditional French cafes. It is the perfect spot to while away the hours with a drink, a snack or a full meal.
The new kitchen set up is designed to provide a work space that provides complete flexibility. It operates 18 hours per day, seven days a week serving in excess of 400 covers per day, so the suite needs to handle the demands of breakfast, lunch and dinner services in addition to the production of snacks throughout the day.
As well as helping to deliver the varied menu to the café’s clientele, the kitchen also has added benefits for staff. By adding in induction to the cook suite, the overall operating temperature of the basement kitchen environment is a much more comfortable and enjoyable space to work in than the traditional heated kitchen environment.
There are no ovens within the suite. Oven capacity is delivered by combination ovens located next to the main cook suite. The void space in the suite, which would have held the ovens, accommodates two Adande under-counter refrigerated drawers.
The remaining space houses a free standing CAPIC Bratt Pan unit and a FRIMA unit.  The FRIMA unit allows variable cooking for boiling, searing, braising, frying, confit and sous-vide. The Bratt pan adds saute and simmering to the chef’s tool box. Mounted above the range is an over shelf on which is mounted a quick-therm salamander grill, making the kitchen at Café Colbert a truly versatile space.
The configuration of the island cook suite allows Head Chef Stuart Conibear to see the full operation from all areas of the kitchen.

Briar Dene in Whitley Bay, part of the Sir John Fitzgerald Group which runs 15 establishments across the North-East region, has recently installed a CAPIC 800 series cook line. The installation was part of a major refurbishment of the pub following a fire. The project was completed in conjunction with CNG Foodservice.
The cook line includes ‘eco-flame’ open gas burners. CAPIC was selected for its versatility, value and modular design. Investment in state-of-the-art catering equipment will ensure that the Briar Dene will be compliant with any regulations for many years to come.

CAPIC delivers a comprehensive range of products including gas open burners and solid tops. It also provides electric cooking tops, plancha, grills and griddles, fryers, bratt pans and boiling pans as well as base units such as cupboards, ovens and stands.

The wide variety of products for food preparation and cooking, distribution and reheating give high quality catering establishments like Briar Dene the versatility to offer a wide range of options for their customers. CAPIC’s versatility, value and modular design make it a solid choice for the design and delivery of both gas and electric cooking environments.

The décor of the pub takes its design cues from its coastal location and sea food features strongly on the menu. The kitchen was enlarged to enable the pub to offer an extended menu including locally caught fish. Also featured are a seafood counter and a takeaway option.
Diners can order from the bar and sit anywhere in the 210-cover restaurant. A more formal table service is also available. A ‘Captain’s Table’ can be booked for private dining and special occasions.
Designed by Newcastle-based architectural practice, JDDK Architects, the scheme involved the total internal refurbishment of the Briar Dene into a family restaurant and pub with a Fish Bar for take-away meals to the rear. Extensions dating from the 1950s and 1960s were demolished to restore the pub to its original form. State-of-the-art catering facilities and a new plant room were then installed. A new manager’s apartment and storage areas are located on the first floor.
Externally, a veranda and a timber effect to the first floor have recreated the clapboard style of New England seaside properties.
Enjoying a sea-facing location on the Links, the pub had closed in early 2015 for an intended refurbishment but was then severely damaged by fire in August 2015 in a setback that delayed the project.
The £1.6 million conversion and refurbishment had to be completed to a tight deadline so that the pub could open in time for the Spring Bank Holiday. Briar Dene is now a welcome addition to the North East family restaurant sector.

Cooking is an art form. Creating dishes which are appealing to the palate as well as the eye needs a high-quality space with the best equipment. So where better than the Chelsea Arts Club to find a classic Athanor cook suite from Grande Cuisine – a perfect combination of art, style and practicality.

The Chelsea Arts Club refurbishment project was specified by SHW Design Consultants and fitted out by Court Catering.

Chelsea Arts Club is a private members club for artists which was established in London in 1891. It has occupied the same house in Old Church Street since 1902. As well as painters, sculptors and architects the club numbers designers, photographers, film makers, poets, writers, dancers, actors and musicians amongst its 3,700 members.

The life of the club centres around the billiard room, the dining room and the secluded garden. Drinks and food are served seven days a week and there are twelve bedrooms.

As Chelsea Arts Club’s entertainments and parties are legendary, a kitchen that could supply the needs of these lavish affairs to a high standard was needed.

Grande Cuisine supplied a suite which comprises a wall suite with a twin inset electric fryer. Two 600 mm classical style gas solid top were fitted alongside a 15 kW gas lava stone char grill over a 1/1 Gn multi-cooker.

The multi-cooker in the suite acts as a chaufont water bath. It is designed as an integrated ‘pan of water’ in the suite for boiling, steaming or holding a Bain Marie.

The high-grade stainless steel well has large curved edges for ease of cleaning and a high performance 3 kW disc-style element immersed in the tank. The element is directly in contact with the water which arrives via an integrated water feed for filling and maintaining water level. The unit is supplied with a cover lid for higher performance heating and can be used as worktop when not in use for cooking.

The suite also includes a single radiant hob, one classical style cast iron lined gas roasting oven and a CAPIC gas salamander grill wall mounted above radiant.

Along with the suite Grande Cuisine also supplied a couple of table top Adventys LITE2500 induction hobs and a CAPIC electric quick-therm salamander grill positioned in other areas of the kitchen to add versatility to the space.

For more information on Athanor, Adventys or CAPIC products please call Grande Cuisine on 01908 745540.

New Athanor cook suite at The Raby Hunt
The Raby Hunt Inn and Restaurant is a two Michelin-starred fine dining establishment situated on an old drover’s road in the village of Summerhouse near Darlington. The 19th Century inn was named after the old Raby Hunt which used the inn as its regular meeting point. Grande Cuisine working in partnership with equipment supply specialists Crosby’s of Newcastle, recently supplied the 30-cover restaurant with a new Athanor cook suite.

The peninsular cook suite comprises includes two separate induction hobs and an A la carte Plaque Athanor plancha.

In addition to the Athanor suite, Grande Cuisine supplied two table-top Adventys induction hobs for the ancillary areas of the kitchen and a CAPIC quick-therm salamander grill which is mounted on a shelf above the range.

Crosby’s where responsible for the overall kitchen design and fit out which includes as part of it a ‘Kitchen Table’ at which up to 6 guests can sit and be treated to an unforgettable dining experience.  The kitchen has been increased in size and forms the main part of the new extension added to the listed site.

The Raby Hunt is not just a restaurant. It also offers accommodation in two double en-suite rooms in the inn and a third bedroom situated in an adjoining cottage.

Ranked 51st in Restaurant Magazine’s Top 100 – making it the 15th highest placed eatery outside London and the highest in the North East. The Raby Hunt got its second Michelin star last year through the auspices of its young chef patron James Close having won its first in 2012.

James gained his passion for food as he was brought up in Grove House an award-winning hotel run by his mother. He has made many trips to Europe and he has been influenced by the markets, traditional restaurants and cultures of different countries.

He believes in simple ideas and well-tried combinations. His style can be described as modern British. His dishes are created using the finest seasonal produce from a strong network of suppliers.

There is a 10-course tasting menu for Saturday lunch. A 12-course tasting menu is available in the evening. Menu items include cod skin, scallops, razor clams with celeriac, squab pigeon and raw beef with nasturtium and basil.

The Raby Hunt is one of only 20 restaurants in the UK to hold two Michelin stars. It is also in the top 50 of the Good Food Guide and James Close was voted UK Chef of the Year 2017. The Sunday Times named Raby Hunt in its top 100 list and the inn is also the Living North Restaurant of the year.

Adventys, Athanor and CAPIC products are perfect for high-quality kitchens. For more information on how Grande Cuisine can assist you in developing an award-winning commercial kitchen call us today on 01908 745540.


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