Bistro 21 - Durham

Customer’s business
Bistro 21 is located in Aykley Heads, Durham City in North East England, and offers a unique and rich dining experience. With a rustic-chic, combining white-washed walls with pitch pine floors, the restaurant serves classically-executed bistro-style dishes in comfort. Informal and unpretentious, Bistro 21 is all about flavours, quality-food and easy conversation. Owned by Chef/Restaurateur Terry Laybourne MBE, the restaurant had determined it required a new cooking suite to enhance their kitchen capabilities – Terry called upon CNG Foodservice to assist in the planning, design and replacement of their previous unit. The previous cooking suite utilised by Bistro 21 was an all gas solution, with the desired replacement utilising all-electric peripherals.

Motivation for investment
Laybourne had previous experience with CAPIC’s build quality and performance, and opted for an all-electric solution.
An all-electric suite was designed, comprising of Celtic 800 series elements including Radiant Hobs, a Plancha, an electric Chargrill, ambient worktops and a twin tank fryer – along with open cupboards and storage options to assist the kitchen with workflow.

Challenges identified:
Specified in the brief was a desire to lower running and lifetime costs, lower the ambient heat in the kitchen and improve the overall “work flow” of service, all three of which were achieved through the CAPIC all electric suite provided. Grande Cuisine’s provided solution was mindful of their need for instant heat within a versatile unit that provided plenty of room for preparation and the plating up of dishes, while also keeping multiple items cooking at once. Additionally, the Plancha surface allows for more options during the cooking process, both by using the unit for pan work and direct cooking, with a chargrill also included for grilling work.
Rauri MacKay, Bistro 21’s chef, was involved in the planning process along with Terry Laybourne MBE, with both providing feedback and guidance on how to best meet the needs of the kitchen’s workflow.

Benefits for the customer:
The new unit is versatile, resilient and offers significantly reduced energy use, and costs as a result. It offers several benefits in terms of daily use, maintenance and servicing, having been optimised for easy cleaning and on-going service and maintenance requirements.
The modularity, quality and reliability of the CAPIC range allowed for each one of the Kitchen’s requirements to be provided with ease.

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