Column Mounted Tap

360-rotation column mounted tap

Located on primary top for ease of filling pots / pans


Panelled overshelf with removable panels for ease of cleaning

Set down sections for salamander grills

Column mounted or oven flue mounted

Power Sockets

UK style 13amp 3 pin plug sockets for plug in hand held appliances

Utensil Rinse Sink

Set into the primary top rinse sink for spoon / utensil rinse

Wok Adaptor

For use on single gas burner for oriental style cooking

Ribbed Cast Iron Searing Plate

For use on Plaque Athanor for ‘char’ cooking effect

Plaque Athanor infill

Removable stainless steel infill for peripheral gulley around Plaque Athanor

Garnish holders

Removable garnish holders for GN containers holding salt / oil / condiments / etc.

Service Shelf

Removable service shelf to give additional work space during service


Innovation + sustainability

Essential to the catering equipment industry is the ability to combine practicality with energy efficiency and cost savings....