Open Burners

Featuring Volcan high output burners

Instantaneous heat source for classical styles of cooking

Burner sits over a water bath that is heavily radiused for ease of cleaning

Stainless overflow plug

Pan support made of 14mm stainless rod

Option of wok adaptor for Oriental style cooking

Available in 3.5kW / 6kW / 9kW output and single or double configuration

Solid Tops

Flush fitted with surrounding top classical cast iron solid top

Burner below having a high performance 12kW output

Accumulated heat source for classical style of cooking 

An offset burner from the centre of the top ensures a maximum of 500C at the bulls-eye with a graduated heat of 200C at the edges.

Thick cast iron top composed of two half with graduated heat radiating from burner

The fully enclosed stainless well below being fully insulated with refractory fire bricks

Secondary air diffuser below the thick cast iron cooking plate to dissipate heat evenly

Available in three sizes; 900mm x 500mm / 750mm x 500mm / 600mm x 500mm


3mm thick stainless steel V shaped cooking plate split 50/50.

Accumulated heat source for classical style of char grill cooking

2x 7.5kW high performance stainless steel burner set below removable lava stone tray

Lava stone briquettes set within stainless steel tray.

Removable dust / grease drawer for ease of cleaning.

Adjustable height cooking plate (left and right)

Separate control for each 7.5kW burner (left and right)

Available in 400mm x 600mm


Innovation + sustainability

Essential to the catering equipment industry is the ability to combine practicality with energy efficiency and cost savings....