Radiant Hob

Flush fitted 6mm thick vitroceramic glass

Instantaneous heat source for classical styles of cooking and holding capability

Fitted with one or two 4kW element giving both conductive and radiated heat

Temperature range from 60C to 550°C controlled via thermostatic control

Ideal for use during mise-en-place or service.

Available in two sizes; single zone 375mm x 375mm / twin zone 375mm x 750mm

Induction Hob

Flush fitted 6mm thick vitroceramique glass

Instantaneous heat source for classical styles of cooking and holding capability

Options of multiple zone or single zone cooking

Induction is the most efficient means of cooking

Ideal for use during mise-en-place or service.

Available in multiple options / multiple sizes 4kW / 6kW / 10kW / 14kW – please consult for more information.

Plaque Athanor (Plancha)

20mm thick steel cooking plate with chamfered edge

Accumulated heat source for either classical pan style or direct Plancha style cooking

Designed for use as either a direct cooking plate or classical style cooking top

Cooking plate flush with surrounding top

Peripheral gulley / channel surround the Plaque Athanor for ease of cleaning.

There is a double seal between the cooking plate peripheral gulley to protect the heating element

A removable stainless drawer is set below the Plaque Athanor for ease of cleaning.

With a surface temperature range of 70C to 450C

Option of removable cast iron ribbed searing plates for ‘char’ effect cooking

Option of removable infill surrounding peripheral gulley for flush working top

Available in three sizes; single zone (1 element) 375mm x 375mm / single zone (1 element 525mm x 375mm / double zone (2 element) 750mm x 750mm

Multi-cooker / Steamer / Water Bath

Designed as an integrated ‘pan of water’ in the suite

Accumulated heat source for chaufont cooking / steaming / Bain Marie holding

High-grade stainless steel well having large radiused edges for ease of cleaning

High performance 3kW disc style element immersed in the tank directly in contact with the water

Integrated water feed for filling and maintaining water level

Overflow drain to front – weir effect – ideal for refreshing water without having to drain

Unit supplied with cover lid for higher performance / heating and worktop when not in use

Option of 1/6Gn sized pasta basket for multipurpose / batch cooking

Available in two sizes; 2/3Gn (3kW) sized 10 litre volume / 1/1Gn (6kW) sized 20 litre volume


A range of inset fryers available in the following sizes;

Single Tank Single Basket Fryers

200mm wide – 1x 7-8 litre volumetric capacity

250mm wide – 1x 9-10 litre volumetric capacity

400mm wide – 2x 7-8 litre volumetric capacity

500mm wide – 2x 9-10 litre volumetric capacity

Twin Tank Twin Basket Fryers

400mm wide – 15-18 litre volumetric capacity

600mm wide – 25-28 litre volumetric capacity


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