Heat, control and efficiency

Induction cooking technology - heat, control and efficiency

Innovation and sustainability combine to create safe, efficient cost-effective cooking solutions

Safety and precision

Cookware is heated while the surrounding area remains cool. Built-in safety features include overheat, boil over and empty pan sensors. The instant response of precise temperature control means perfectly consistent results every time.

Power and efficiency

With power outputs of between 50Watts and 3kW delivered via the industry’s largest 280mm inductor, Adventys induction is twice as fast as any other cooking method. The technology is 90% energy efficient – compared with 50% energy efficiency of gas – with half the energy consumption.

Ideal for all cooking methods

Sear meat, braise, boil, sauté, shallow fry, stir fry or casserole. Create crepes, omelettes and eggs. Melt chocolate and sugar. Whatever the method, and whatever the dish, Adventys induction hobs are great for cooking theatre.

Induction Cooking

Innovative induction cooking solutions from Adventys deliver heat in a controlled and efficient way, allowing you to focus on creativity.

Single Phase Induction Range

For your perfect cooking environment

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