12 Hay Hill, Mayfair, London


A new business club has opened in Mayfair, where members can enjoy the expert menus of Michelin-starred Shaun Rankin and his head chef Nino Goncalves (formerly of the Corinthian).

12 Hay Hill is an exciting, unique business venue located in Mayfair, London. It rests within premises previously operated by a Cypriot bank – and is the brainchild of former Crown equerry and aide to the Sovereign, Major Simon Robinson.

The premises will seek to avoid celebrity attention said Mr Robinson: “This building is strictly about the business. We are not a private members’ club, we are not a restaurant. We are not really interested in celebrities.”

With such a strong focus on results, 12 Hay Hill’s kitchen needed to match its world class business facilities, with Grande Cuisine’s involvement supplying modular and bespoke cooking equipment.

“We’re not really comparable to Soho House or other social clubs,” continued Robinson, “12 Hay Hill is for people who want to work. It’s strictly business.”

Fully serviced offices can be hired for up to £12,500 per month, with hot desks available from £150 pounds per month, and varying options in between. This exclusive and exciting five-storey premises boasts a restaurant, lower ground deli and bar and a service counter on the fifth floor, all within a range of beautiful office space, lounges and meeting rooms. Members can also use the onsite exercise rooms and shower facilities.

Grande Cuisine was excited to be involved in this project with kitchen fit out specialists Contract Catering Equipment Limited (CCE Ltd). This is the third time the company has provided kitchen refurbishments for Shaun Rankin, previously supplying components at Bohemia in Jersey in 2008 where Rankin first became a high profile chef renowned for his cooking and then at Ormer which opened to high acclaim in 2013

Case Study

Motivation for investment:

Operating as a hub for internationally minded, constantly connected businesses, 12 Hay Hill is a luxury business venue for leading London-based entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. It allows like-minded individuals to work, meet and dine together - and it is in delivering this last objective that CCE and Grande Cuisine became involved. 

Challenges identified:

The premise has five floors, with kitchens and service spaces across three of them. The distributed nature of the premises, with its need for preparation and cooking capacity both in the basement and on the ground floor, provided an interesting challenge for CCE and Grande Cuisine.

The basement production kitchen is required to deal with high volume of production throughout the day and therefore needed efficient, high performance cooking components that can cope with the varying needs of mise-en-place and main service.

The basement production kitchen is enclosed and used for heavy volume cooking and preparation while the semi-open ground floor service kitchen is equipped with an Athanor bespoke island suite for main service use, allowing diners to see the chefs at work.


12 Hay Hill’s kitchens have been equipped with a combination of high performance components from Grande Cuisine primary supply partners. Its basement kitchen has been fitted with a range of induction tops from CAPIC, ancillary table top induction from Adventys  and built around a hand-crafted central cook suite from manufactured by Athanor.

The bar and deli area located on lower ground floor serves salads and snacks, allowing members to enjoy a more social setting while still ‘at the office’. The service to this area is supported from the basement prep kitchen.

The ground floor, ‘semi-open’ kitchen functions as hub for main service. The custom built Athanor suite features three double Plaque Athanor plancha cook plates, giving the kitchen plenty of direct cooking surface power, with a single four-zone multi-point induction cooking top supplying high performance heat for pan work.

Optimised for workflow, the Athanor suite also includes a conventional roasting and service oven and set of hot drawers, ideal for holding, resting and maintaining temperature of product for perfect serving.

The ground floor kitchen also includes a wood-fired oven, further enhancing the kitchen’s flexibility in the preparing and serving of world class plates from varying cuisines.  

Benefits for the customer:

The basement kitchen offers high heat performance cooking, with a high degree of energy efficiency and low heat pollution, all made possible through powerful induction cooking equipment from the CAPIC 800 Series Celtic range of appliances, stacked Rational combination ovens and a Frima multi-purpose braising and boiling pan. The rapid heating and cooking of products means the production kitchen can provide reliable results during both preparation and service times.

The ground floor’s Athanor unit has been carefully outfitted with components that align to the needs of the kitchen, with plenty of direct cooking surface space and induction power, further enhancing the efficiency of the kitchen and kitchen team.

The premises require food to be made available across multiple floors for members, both in the main eating areas and in their offices, all fully up to Shaun Rankin’s standards – this has been achieved through project delivery by Contract Catering Equipment (CCE) and the specialist cooking equipment supplied in association with Grande Cuisine.



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