OOH – Ovens Feature

There is lots of competing information on which manufacturer does what, how this or that piece of equipment works, how much energy it saves and so on. Unfortunately there is no uniform testing standard so making a direct comparison is very difficult. Without a universal standard it’s hard to compare our units against competitors’ products because the testing environment and operating conditions are never going to be the same. My best advice would be to try and trial a piece of equipment before you buy it, or at least ask the supplier/manufacturer to put you in touch with an existing user and get their feedback.

Historically, cost was a major consideration when choosing a manufacturer or brand but this is no longer the case. As they look more and more closely at issues other than purchase price operators are gaining a better understanding of why higher value products may actually represent a more cost effective solution in the long term.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the marketplace is that ‘traditional’ gas equipment is not energy efficient. In fact, open burners such as those found on the Mareno equipment that we supply can be very energy efficient.

I think in time we will see less and less use of ‘traditional style’ base ovens and more use of smaller compact convection/combination ovens. More cook lines will be about horizontal cooking mediums, with space below being utilised for storage or back-up refrigeration.