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Aug 08 2016

Grande Cuisine (, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of professional cooking appliances, has delivered a bespoke Athanor cook suite for Daniel Clifford’s latest venture – the Flitch of Bacon in Dunmow.

Since acquiring the Grade II listed 16th century inn Daniel Clifford – the two Michelin starred chef patron of Midsummer House in Cambridge – has overseen a total renovation and redecoration and installed a new kitchen capable of delivering the same high quality as the kitchen in Midsummer House. 

May 04 2016

Street food and ‘pop-ups’ are the latest trends to find their way from the high street into foodservice, including schools, and this has really put the onus on manufacturers of catering equipment to come up with portable ‘plug & play’ products that cook very quickly and yet require nothing more than a 13amp socket to function. As a consequence, tabletop induction units are proving to be a very popular choice.

May 04 2016

The latest addition from Adventys is a smart plate dressing table called ‘InducArt’ which is aimed at the fine dining sector and will replace the traditional hot pass. The concept is that the base and centre of the plate are heated to the desired temperature while the plate is dressed but without the surrounding surface getting too hot to touch. This means better control of food holding/no more food that has dried out on the pass because it is too hot and no need for waiting staff to say to customers “please be careful as the plate will burn you!”

May 04 2016

Chefs want quality products that they can rely on day in, day out, so Grande Cuisine only supplies equipment from companies that manufacture their own products - Athanor bespoke suites, CAPIC modular cooking equipment and Adventys induction - and who share its values and core principals.

May 04 2016

Once the exclusive preserve of Michelin starred restaurants induction is now finding its way into ‘mainstream’ catering by necessity. A combination of its relative high cost and suspicion amongst the older generation of chefs meant that induction was rarely to be seen until recently. But, with prices coming down all the time, and energy prices heading in the opposite direction, the decision to switch from gas to induction is weighing more heavily in favour of the latter all the time.


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