A chef's love affair

Everything that is beautiful in the art of cooking

Efficiency and flexibility combine to create bespoke solutions as unique as each chef

Efficiency is the key to success

Each element of the cook suite has been selected for its superior properties and excellent performance. Tops are functional, durable, safe and easy to clean. The frames and panels stand up to the harshest of environments. Highly polished stainless-steel trim and optional enamelling for the panels make Athanor suites aesthetically impressive, while recessed controls reduce the potential for damage and increase precision and safety.

Create the perfect cooking environment

The Athanor product range includes open burners, chargrills, radiant and induction hobs, plaque Athanor (plancha), traditional cast iron-lined and à la carte enamelled and stainless steel lined ovens – everything to provide a specialised design solution. Athanor creates the perfect cooking environment whatever the method or style of cuisine.

Lowering cost of ownership

Because Athanor suites can last a lifetime, ongoing service and maintenance costs need to be factored in. That’s why Grande Cuisine establish long-term working relationships with customers to help them understand the true cost of ownership.


Due to the bespoke nature of the Athanor cook suite, designs and sizes can be configured to any specific foot print. This means that a kitchen space is not limited to a specific dimension for the suite and provides chef, restaurant and kitchen designer with a blank canvas to create their own masterpiece.

Island suite
Complete flexibility

A bespoke island suite gives the chef complete flexibility. With a clear view of the operation from all areas of the kitchen, the Head Chef can simplify and manage workflows more easily. And, thanks to the freedom of movement afforded to staff moving around the suite, they can handle the demands of breakfast, lunch and dinner services as well as all-day production.

Table top suite
Cleaner by design

Table-top suites allow the integration of all horizontal cooking elements. Chefs have a variety of cooking methods at their disposal. Movement around the kitchen is reduced because the appliances are within easy reach. A single level surface means cleaning is quick and easy with no gaps to catch food.

Peninsular suite
Optimum workflows in tight spaces

The Athanor peninsular suite allows workflows to be precisely managed around three sides – ideal in kitchens where space is at a premium. This configuration provides the optimum balance between storage, work area and functionality; creating storage and cooking space without disrupting workflows around the kitchen.

Wall suite
Maximise workspace

The bespoke design means you can choose configurations to maximise the space you have available. For example, by positioning cook suites against one wall, you gain space elsewhere in the kitchen. That additional space can then be used for storage and food preparation. Optimising the usage of space in small kitchen areas and difficult spaces means you can still create comfortable cooklines.

For your perfect cooking environment

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